BPSS Solar Power Supply


Securitron®'s BPSS is capable of powering most any single point access control device and fail secure lock (intermittent duty only) using sustainable solar and battery operated power. The BPSS is the only out-of-the-box solution specifically designed for remote electric lock control. Select the BPSS-10 or BPSS-20 (10 or 20 charging Watts respectively) based on the solar activity in the area/region where installed.

Product Features

  • Complete out of the box Solar Power System designed specifically for use with Access Control Products
  • Remote electronic locking of gates and out buildings
  • Works with most fail secure electric locks
  • Works with most keypad or card readers
  • Available in 10W and 20W versions
  • Outdoor Operation
  • 100% Solid State Solar Controller
  • Low voltage battery monitor to protect batteries from deep discharge
  • Includes mounting brackets for power supply enclosure and solar panel
  • Optional mounting brackets available to mount power supply enclosure to 3" diameter pole
  • Optional solar wind kit available for high wind areas
  • SecuriCare 3-year, no fault warranty

Specification Data

Enclosure dimensions:
          Outdoor (NEMA-3R) - 12-1/2" x 13-5/8" x 4-7/16"
Standard Enclosure Brackets: Accommodates up to 2" diameter pole/post
Operating Temperature: -4 to +113F [-20 to +45C]
Power Supply Output:
          Maximum 125mA continuous; 450mA maximum operating the
          locking device - intermittent duty only. Number of daily lock
          operations will vary due to solar activity and current draw
Solar Panels:
          BPSS-10                            BPSS-20
          Size: 14.5" x 12.2" x .7"     22" x 14.2" x .7"
          Rated Power: 10 Watts       20 Watts
          Panel Weight: 3.3 lbs.        5.5 lbs.
Panel Mounting Brackets: Accommodates up to 2" diameter pole/post
Panel(s) Operating Temperature: -40 to +185F [-40 to +85C]
Panel(s) Type: High-efficiency photovoltaic modules using silicon nitride
                        multicrystalline cells
Controller: Anodized aluminum case with marine rated terminals
100% solid state
Fully encapsulated in epoxy potting
Green charging LED
Approved for use in hazardous locations - Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
Voltage Output: 14.4VDC maximum


Part # Description
BPSS-10 Solar Power Supply - 12V w/ 10W Solar Panel and 9Ah Battery
BPSS-20 Solar Power Supply - 12V w/ 20W Solar Panel and 18Ah Battery
PMK-3 Mounting Kit 3 in Pole for CCM Nema Enclosure
SPK Solar Panel Kit - 20 Watt
SWK High Wind Kit for 20W Solar Panel


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