PSP Medium Filtered Regulated Power Supply

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12 volts at 3 Amp max. capacity (model PSP-12-3) and 24 volts at 1.5 Amp max. capacity (model PSP-24-1.5). 6 ft. output cable is included. Input voltage 120 to 220VAC. PSPs are ideal for powering a wide range of DC devices.

Product Features

  • Switchmode regulated power
  • 36 watts continuous output
  • 6 ft. [1.8m] output cable included
  • Folding two prong AC connector
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty


Part # Description
Power Supply Plug-In - Switching, Regulated, 12VDC, 3A
PSP-24-1.5 Power Supply Plug-In - Switching, Regulated, 24VDC, 1.5 A


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