AQ PDB-8C1R / 8F1R with Fire Trigger

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Distributed Power Control Interface for Fire, Access, HVAC, Elevator, and Security.

The PDB-8C1R /8F1R power distribution control interface converts a main non-power limited DC power source to 8 power-limited outputs that can be controlled by a Fire Alarm Control Panel.  Each output can be selectively set to turn ON or to Turn OFF when triggered by the panel.  The system can interface to the PDB-8C1R /8F1R with either of two or both supervised trigger inputs.

Product Features

  • 8 Power Limited Outputs with Auto-Resetting
  • Circuit Breakers for model 8C1R
  • Each Output is Individually Selectable to Turn On, Turn Off, or always ON when Triggered
  • Outputs can be triggered with:
    • Voltage or Reverse polarity (optically isolated)
    • N/O or N/C switch with supervised EOL
  • Form C Contacts (TRIGGERED) and Red LED (TRG)
    Indicate Trigger Status
  • Form C Contacts (TROUBLE) and Green LED (TRB)
    • One of the output circuit breakers is tripped
    • Main Fuse Blown or no power on input
  • Operates with 12-28VDC; Nominal 12-24VDC
  • Each Output pair has a Removable Terminal Block and Green Status LED
  • Main Power has Green Status LED
  • UL Listed Sub Assembly for Access Control and Burglar Alarm Systems
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty

Specification Data

  • Universal 12-28 VDC input
  • 90-160 mA per relay
  • 10 Amp transfer relay for 2 Amp variant
  • 8 Amp transfer relay for 1 Amp variant
  • 2 Amp form C contacts
  • Size: 3.88"H x 4.84"W x 0.75"D


Part # Description
PDB-8C1R1 8 PTC Polyswitch Output, Fire Trigger/Relay, 1 Amp
PDB-8C1R2 8 PTC Polyswitch Output, Fire Trigger/Relay, 2 Amp
PDB-8F1R1 8 Glass Fuse Output, Fire Trigger/Relay, 1 Amp
PDB-8F1R2 8 Glass Fuse Output, Fire Trigger/Relay, 2 Amp


Patent pending and/or patent

Certifications and Listings
  • UL 294 – Access Control System Unit
    • Line Security Level I
    • Endurance Test Level IV
    • Standby Power Level I
    • Attack Test Level I
  • UL 603 – Power supplies for Use with Burglar Alarm Systems
  • ULC S318 - Power supplies for Burglar Alarm Systems
  • ULC S533 - Standard for Egress Door Securing and Releasing Devices