AQ PDB-8F8R / 8C8R Access Control Boards with Fire Alarm Interface

Documents, Certifications & Listings

The PDB-8F8R / 8C8R is a versatile, compact way to distribute and control power for Access Control Systems with Fire Alarm Interface. This Access Control board is an 8 position power distribution board with individual relays with input control for each output.

Product Features

  • 8 Heavy duty Relays with individual Inputs and Status LED’s
  • Each Relay Input can be Activated from Low Current Open Collector, Normally Closed or Normally Open Switch
  • EOL End of Line Resistor  Fire Interface Master Trigger de-energizes all Output Relays that are Enabled
  • Universal 12 – 28VDC power input(Nominal 12-24VDC)
  • 8C8R is Class 2 Power Limited
  • Class 1 wiring required for 8F8R unless powered by a UL 294 or UL 603 or ULC S318 or ULC S533 listed power supply with class 2 output. There shall be a min of ¼ separation between power limited and non-power-limited circuits.
  • Available with Fuses or PTC Circuit Breakers
  • Each Output may be Individually Configured for:
    • Fire Trigger (FT) Enabled or (FTD) Disabled
    • N/O or N/C Option Configures the Relay Switched Output
  • Each Output 1-8 has a protected, continuous Output and a Relay controlled Output
  • Control Power and Main Lock Power may be Isolated (Separate Power Supplies) at Users Option
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty

Specification Data

  • 8C8R is Class 2 Power Limited
  • 8F8R offers 0.5 Amp fused outputs
  • Uses 20 mA per relay
  • 7 Amp relays
  • Size: 4.82”w x 3.84h x 1.4”d


Part # Description
PDB-8C8R1 8 PTC Polyswitch Output with Relays, Fire Trigger, 1 Amp
PDB-8C8R2 8 PTC Polyswitch Output with Relays, Fire Trigger, 2 Amp
PDB-8F8R1 8 Glass Fused Output with Relays, Fire Trigger, 1 Amp
PDB-8F8R2 8 Glass Fused Output with Relays, Fire Trigger, 2 Amp


Patent pending and/or patent

Certifications and Listings
  • UL 294 - Access Control System Unit
    • Line Security Level I
    • Endurance Test Level IV
    • Standby Power Level I
    • Attack Test Level I
  • UL 603 - Power supplies for Use with Burglar Alarm Systems
  • ULC S318 - Power supplies for Burglar Alarm Systems
  • ULC S533 - Standard for Egress Door Securing and Releasing Devices