Square-Cut Electrical Power Transfer

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Product Features

  • Heavy duty design
  • Installs in the door and frame edges
  • Flexible steel shield protects wires - 1/4" [6.3mm] inside diameter
  • Near universal device that will work on any type of door that uses butt hinges, continuous hinges or pivots
  • Will not function on pivot hinges or center pivot doors

Product Options

  • SEPT-C5E: CAT5E compatible with 9-22 AWG wire stranded conductor, Molex connectors
  • EL-SEPT: ElectroLynx compatible with 12-22 AWG wires, ElectroLynx connectors


SEPT Housing: 13"L x 1"W x 11/16"D
Interior Flex Shield: 1/4" [6.3mm]

Shipping Weight: 0.85lbs [0.39kg]

Finish: US26/625- Bright Chrome plated


Part # Description
SEPT Electrical Power Transfer Square - Cut Standard Version
SEPT-10 Electrical Power Transfer Square - 10 Wire
SEPT-C5E Electrical Power Transfer Square - CAT5E Compatible
EL-SEPT Electrical Power Transfer Square - ElectroLynx


NOTE: Not every combination above is possible. Please contact the factory if you need a combination of features not listed on this page.

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