PB3 Push Buttons

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Product Features

  • Includes switchable green and red lenses
  • Red LED on plate where applicable
  • 3 Amp rated contacts
  • Stainless Steel single gang plate: 4.5" x 2.75" [114mm x 70mm]
  • Stainless Steel narrow stile plate: 4.5" x 1.75" [114mm x 44mm]
  • Surface Mount: 3.875" x 2" [98mm x 51mm]
  • Field convertible from DPST to DPDT


Part # Description
PB3 PB - Momentary, Single Gang, Illuminated, Green/Red Lens
PB3A PB - Alternate, Single Gang, Grn/Red Lens
PB3AN PB - Alternate, Narrow, Grn/Red Lens
PB3E PB - Momentary, Single Gang, Grn/Red Lens
PB3EA PB - Alternate, Single Gang, Grn/Red Lens
PB3EAN PB - Alternate Narrow, Grn/Red Lens
PB3EAR PB - Remote Alternate, Surface Mount Green/Red Lens
PB3EN PB - Momentary, Narrow Grn/Red Lens
PB3ER   PB - Remote Momentary, Surface Mount Grn/Red Lens
 PB3-LK  Illumination Kit, Grn/Red for PB3E/EEB3N Series
 PB3N  PB - Momentary Narrow, Green/Red Lens


Weather Option: WCC and WBB available for all Single Gang Push Buttons, Keyswitches and Keypads.