DPA Door Prop Alarm

The DPA is designed to detect and deter a door from being left propped open.

Product Features

  • Multi-functional control timer that operates as a door prop alarm
  • Monitors whether the door has been "propped" open
  • Can detect attempts to tamper with lock or door status
  • Includes three 5 Amp SPDT outputs providing local and remote signaling
  • Bypass mode for valid access/egress needs
  • BA-DPA models come with Piezo sounder and LED
  • 12 or 24VDC

Specification Data

Operating Temperature: +32 to +120F [0 to +49C]


Part # Description
BA-DPA-12 Door Prop Alarm Timer - 12VDC w/ Boxed Alarm
BA-DPA-24 Door Prop Alarm Timer - 24VDC w/ Boxed Alarm


Patent pending and/or patent assaabloydss.com/patents