Relay Board

The RB4 board is used for interlock installations and where a basic relay board is needed.

Product Features

  • Adds relays for uses including shunting, interlocking and reporting
  • Individual coil connections - common negative or positive
  • Replaces socket mount relays
  • Mounts 4 DPDT relays with 2 Amp contacts
  • All dry contact connections are brought out on screw terminals
  • Relays have low current coils (13mA at 12VDC; 8mA at 24VDC)
  • Allows operation from most LED drive outputs

Specification Data

Operating Temperature: -13 to +158F [-25 to +70C]


Part # Description
RB-4-12 Relay Board - 12VDC
RB-4-24 Relay Board - 24VDC


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