M680 Series


1100 lbs. Holding Force

The Smart, Stylish and Secure Magnalock®

The M680 from Securitron® delivers unsurpassed intelligence, style and convenience.

Intelligence. A built-in, smart voltage sensing microprocessor controls Securitron's patented BondSTAT and door position status monitoring.

Style. The aesthetics of the M680 are refined enough for the most discriminating designer openings.

Convenience. An integrated camera option provides a unique perspective for discreet surveillance and clear facial views.
Use the integrated motion sensor exit device alone, or with the camera for advanced access control.

Easy installation. The fastest, easiest, most secure installation of any bracket-mount maglock.

Product Features

  • Bracket mounting provides the easiest install for out-swing doors
  • Innovative install templating for an efforlessly accurate alighnment between magnet and armature plate
  • Sleek, low profile and refined lines for improved aesthetics
  • LED visual locked status with configurable red/green color output
  • BondSTAT lock bond sensor - Patented
  • Integrated door position switch
  • Autosensing dual voltage with microprocessor technology
  • Adjustable automatic relock timer (0 to 30 seconds)
  • Wire chamber anti-tamper switch
  • Efficient, low power usage
  • Size optimized for use with door closers
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty

Product Options

M680BDX: The M680BDX with integrated request to exit (REX) provides optimum coverage for detecting an approaching person so the door unlocks for egress. The configurability of the passive infrared (PIR) beam allows the detection area to be tailored to your environment, for better accuracy.

M680BDCX: The M680BDCX combines strength and style with smarts at a whole new level. Optimal coverage comes from the integrated passive infrared (PIR) request to exit (REX) with analog CCTV camera that allows for video surveillance. Everyone will be happy except those with ill intent: Facility Manager: Secure and smart access control; Installer: Easy installation; Architect: Sleek and stylish

  • Holding Force: 1100 lbs [499kg]
  • Dimensions: 
    • Magnalock: 11-1/2"L x 2-9/16"D x 2-1/2"
    • Strike: 10-7/8"L x 9/16"D x 2"H



Maglock Power
550mA (±10%) at 12VDC
300mA (±10%) at 24VDC

Camera Power*
200mA (±10%) at 12VDC
80mA (±10%) at 24VDC

REX Power*
25mA (±10%) at 12VDC
10mA (±10%) at 24VDC

Camera and REX Power*
225mA (±10%) at 12VDC
90mA (±10%) at 24VDC
*A separate continuous power input is required to power the camera and REX

Operating Temperature:
+32 to +110F [0 to +43C] 
Indoor use only

US28/628 - Satin Aluminum Clear (Standard)
US20A/313 - Sating Brown
335 - Satin Black
US03/605 - Polished Brass
US04/606 - Satin Brass
US10/612 - Satin Bronze

Basic Models

Part # Description
M680BD M680 Standard Magnalock (w/BondSTAT, DPS) in Satin Aluminum
M680BD-313 M680 Standard Magnalock, Satin Brown
M680BD-335 M680 Standard Magnalock, Satin Black
M680BD-605 M680 Standard Magnalock, Polished Brass
M680BD-606 M680 Standard Magnalock, Satin Brass
M680BD-612 M680 Standard Magnalock, Satin Bronze

Models with REX

Part # Description
M680BDX M680 w/ REX in Satin Aluminum
M680BDX-313 M680 w/ REX, Satin Brown
M680BDX-335 M680 w/ REX, Satin Black
M680BDX-605 M680 w/ REX, Polished Brass
M680BDX-606 M680 w/ REX, Satin Brass
M680BDX-612 M680 w/ REX, Satin Bronze

Models with B/W Camera & REX

Part # Description
M680BDCX M680 w/ REX and BW Camera, Satin Aluminum
M680BDCX-313 M680 w/ REX and BW Camera, Satin Brown
M680BDCX-335 M680 w/ REX and BW Camera, Satin Black
M680BDCX-605 M680 w/ REX and BW Camera, Polished Brass
M680BDCX-606 M680 w/ REX and BW Camera, Satin Brass
M680BDCX-612 M680 w/ REX and BW Camera, Satin Bronze

Models with Color Camera & REX

Part # Description
M680BDC2X M680 w/ REX and Color Camera, Satin Aluminum
M680BDC2X-313 M680 w/ REX and Color Camera, Satin Brown
M680BDC2X-335 M680 w/ REX and Color Camera, Satin Black
M680BDC2X-605 M680 w/ REX and Color Camera, Polished Brass
M680BDC2X-606 M680 w/ REX and Color Camera, Satin Brass
M680BDC2X-612 M680 w/ REX and Color Camera, Satin Bronze