Power Supplies


Tap into the Power of Securitron, offering a complete suite of power supply options.

Access control is a necessary part of life today, and the need for electromechanical access control continually rises, as it provides enhanced security, audit trails,  and custom credentials. What is unseen, is the power supply necessary to make the entire system operational. Power supplies offer accurate and reliable power for all types of access control.

In selecting a power supply you must assess the application. Securitron offers a full line of both linear and switching power supplies. Linear power supplies offer low noise across frequencies making them ideal for sensitive electronics. However, they tend to be physically heavier and less efficient. Switching power supplies are physically lighter, and are more energy efficient and cost effective. Unless the application specifically necessitates a linear power supply, a switching power is an excellent option.

Securitron also offers energy efficient power supplies with our EcoPower and PoE options.