Switching Power Supplies


Securitron Switching Power Supplies provide clean, filtered and accurate low-voltage DC power to protect and enhance the performance of access control devices. These power supplies are uniquely designed to minimize noise, which can cause misreads with contactless card readers and can disrupt the performance of radio frequency devices. The Securitron line of switching power supplies offers the most flexible, versatile, and durable range of power supplies available in the industry.

Securitron Switching Power Supplies are ideal for use with a wide range of access control devices including electrified locks, door closers, electric strikes, magnetic locks, card readers, and more. These products support single- and multi-door configurations as well as entire building systems. All Securitron Switching Power Supplies are RoHS lead free, assembled in the USA, and covered by MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty. 

Securitron Switching Power Supplies, come in three lines, including the AQD, the AQM and the AQU. Each line offers unique features; however, here are some of the features and benefits offered across the Securitron switching power supply family: 

  • Universal AC input, enabling use anywhere in the world
  • Clean, low-noise power output, creating a better read range capability for contactless and RF devices / Clean, low-noise power delivery ensures contactless readers operate to fuller read range, promotes accurate data transmission, and minimizes interference with wireless transmissions
  • Accurate, steady DC output, which reduces the risk of overvoltage, protecting device electronics, motors and solenoids and reduces the risk of under-voltage, ensuring proper operation and extends equipment life
  • Comes ready to use with no assembly required and internal transformer included as standard
  • Roomy enclosures - Well-placed, generous knock outs for wires and knock out for camlock. All models have room for two 7AH batteries internal, sold separately.
  • Supervision  - external LED AC indicator, Form “C” relays for indication, and more
  • Battery Charging and Backup, including dedicated voltage for faster recharging even under load, no “chirping”, and no voltage drop during battery fail over
  • Backed by the industry’s best warranty - MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty
  • Protection
    • Current overload protection
    • Thermal protection
    • Short circuit protection