When to Use a Maglock

Specialty Applications


Standard electronic access control products address many openings, but some require special equipment. When your opening must meet additional codes or needs special functionality, a specialty maglock could be the best choice.


Sliding and Swinging Applications

This is one area where maglocks are becoming more popular as design trends increase the demand for sliding doors or gates. Many latches and strikes do not offer sliding functionality. Some maglocks, like our shear Magnalocks, function for both sliding and bi-swing doors.


Delayed Egress Applications

Delayed egress openings serve the purpose of intentionally slowing down the immediate release of a door when someone attempts to exit under normal circumstances. This access control feature is designed to guarantee the safety of all building occupants by permitting easy exit during emergency situations. Delayed egress maglocks are a fail-safe solution that also serve as a way to audibly and/or visually alert that the opening is trying to be used. They can be configured for authorized personnel to use without triggering a security alert, while still slowing down egress where it needs to be controlled.


Hazardous Applications

Highly combustible areas require electronics that are deemed safe for use in hazardous locations. A durable maglock with fully sealed internal parts mitigates the risk of sparking, unlike other electronic access control products. Petrochemical plants and grain mills are two settings where maglocks designed for use in hazardous locations would safely increase security.