Retrofit Solutions

Upgrading access control from doors to drawers

Facility managers and security system integrators face increasingly unique challenges in protecting people, places and property.

Our offering of door and hardware retrofit solutions includes the broadest range of access control products and technologies to meet the needs of any opening, no matter the size, from gates and doors to cabinets and drawers.


The First Line of Property Defense

Gate and fence access control prevent unauthorized personnel from penetrating your facility and assets.

Securitron offers outdor-rated, weather-resistant locking solutions. 

Exterior Doors

Exterior Aluminum or Hollow Metal

There are many options for upgrading an exterior opening to include access control. Access control can be scaled from traditional devices to hardwired devices or wireless devices based upon application, customer needs, local codes and budgets.

Interior Doors All-Glass

Access control with aesthetics

Designers’ preference for natural light and a modern aesthetic make glass doors increasingly popular. As glass entryways represent a sizable investment in a building’s visual appeal, it can be challenging to add access control without compromising aesthetics.

Interior Doors Hollow Metal or Wood

Solutions for restricted access applications

We can help assess each opening to determine the ideal access control solution for your specific application and the right mix of products for your facility.

Whether you need traffic control or high-security products for online or offline access controls systems, ASSA ABLOY delivers a one stop shop for securing any opening. Careful consideration of each opening not only enhances the security of your building but also keeps costs in line.

Interior Doors Aluminum

Layering access control in the core of the building

Retrofit projects require electromechanical products that provide flexibility, compatibility and digital technology to integrate access control with the facility’s security and administrative systems.

Add another level of protection and convenience with our wide range of devices including electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, and electric locks and latches, which offer the best solution for high-security applications for narrow profile and modular doors.