Z-Bracket Kit

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Works with Securitron M32 and M62 models

Product Features

  • Used on inswing doors with the "F" type Magnalock 8.5" overall length
  • Provides 1.25" of lateral movement to accommodate most openings and allows for precision adjustments (2-1/4" to 3-1/2" from door/header)
  • Includes an oversized Dress Cover


Part # Description
ZA-32/62BK Adjustable Z-Bracket - M32/62, Black Anodized
ZA-32/62CL Adjustable Z-Bracket - M32/62, Clear Anodized
ZA-32/62SS Adjustable Z-Bracket - M32/62, Satin Stainless
ZA-82BK Adjustable Z-Bracket - M82, Black Anodized
ZA-82CL Adjustable Z-Bracket - M82, Clear Anodized
ZA-82SS Adjustable Z-Bracket - M82, Satin Stainless


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