Double Dress Covers

Accessories & Documents

Works with Securitron M32, M62 and M82 models

Product Features

  • Available in two finishes
  • Will cover a pair of Magnalocks on a double door (if they are separated by no more than 2")
  • Not for use with the DM62 Magnalock


Part # Description
DDC-32BK DDC- M32, Black Anodized
DDC-32CL DDC - M32, Clear Anodized
DDC-62BK DDC - M62, Black Anodized
DDC-62CL DDC - M62, Clear Anodized
DDC-82BK DDC - M82, Black Anodized
DDC-82CL DDC - M82, Clear Anodized


Patent pending and/or patent