Durable Dress Covers

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Works with Securitron M32, M62, M82, M38 and M68 models

Product Features

  • Available for the M32, M38, M62, M68, and M82
  • Install using foam adhesive tape
  • M32, M62 and M82 available in four finishes


Part # Description
DC-32BK DC - M32, Black Anodized
DC-32BP DC - M32, Brass Polished
DC-32CL DC - M32, Clear Anodized
DC-32SP DC - M32, Stainless Polished
DC-62BK DC - M62, Black Anodized
DC-62BP DC - M62, Brass Polished
DC-62CL DC - M62, Clear Anodized
DC-62SP DC - M62, Stainless Polished
DC-82Bk DC - M82, Black Anodized
DC-82BP DC - M82, Brass Polished
DC-82CL DC - M82, Clear Anodized
DC-82SP DC - M82, Stainless Polished
DC-38SP DC - M38, Stainless Polished
DC-68SP DC - M68, Stainless Polished


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