BPS Boxed Power Supply

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Recommended where an interface with a fire alarm system or battery backup is needed. The BPS linear power supply delivers more current than PSPs, and all BPS models are UL Class 2 listed, allowing for wire runs without the use of conduit from power supply to door.

Product Features

  • 1, 4 or 8 polyswitch (PTC) 2A circuit breakers based on model
  • LEDs monitor zone status (voltage, no voltage)
  • Slide switches connect or disconnect load from power (excludes 1 Amp)
  • Sealed lead acid-gel battery charging capability (battery not included)
  • Rugged steel enclosure
  • Provided with terminals for fire alarm relay connection, allowing release of all devices upon fire alarm activation
  • Clean linear power for flawless operation with all sensitive active electronic components
  • BPS UL Listed
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty

Specification Data

Input Voltage: 120VAC BPS
Operating Temperature: +32 to +105F [0 to +40C]
Shipping Weight:
BPS-12-1, BPS-24-1: 9 lbs.
BPS-12-3, BPS-24-2: 15 lbs.
BPS-12-45 and BPS-24-3: 18 lbs.
BPS-12-6 and BPS-24-4: 24 lbs.
BPS-12-9 and BPS-24-6: 28 lbs.
BPS-12-15 and BPS-24-10: 33 lbs.


Part # Description
BPS-12-1 Power Supply - 12VDC, 1 AMP
BPS-12-3 Power Supply - 12VDC, 3 AMP
BPS-12-45 Power Supply - 12VDC, 4.5 AMP
BPS-12-6 Power Supply - 12VDC, 6 AMP
BPS-12-9 Power Supply - 12VDC, 9 AMP
BPS-12-15 Power Supply - 12VDC, 15 AMP
BPS-24-1 Power Supply - 24VDC, 1 AMP
BPS-24-2 Power Supply - 24VDC, 2 AMP
BPS-24-3 Power Supply - 24VDC, 3 AMP
BPS-24-4 Power Supply - 24VDC, 4 AMP
BPS-24-6 Power Supply - 24VDC, 6 AMP
BPS-24-10 Power Supply - 24VDC, 10 AMP


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