Securitron DSB Dual Sense Bar

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The Dual Sense Bar (DSB) is for use on magnetically locked, non-fire-rated doors. Specifically designed to address the most current building and life safety codes, the DSB features two independent switch circuits to release the lock. Simply touching the bar or engaging its mechanical movement will allow free egress. For indoor use only, the DSB can be installed on metal, aluminum or wood doors of all types. Meets "no special tools or knowledge" requirements.

Product Features

  • The most dependable exit device available for magnetically locked openings
  • Less than 1/8" mechanical movement and ultra-reliable touch sense technology working together in a single exit bar
  • Touch sensing and redundant movement-activated switches complies with current fire and life safety egress codes
  • Uses same mounting pattern as the TSB
  • Circuit board is immune to electrostatic discharge - switching power supplies, proximity and garment readers and neon signs
  • Bounce resistant to false triggering from outside impact
  • Three standard lengths: 36", 42" or 48"
  • All metal construction will stand up to rugged interior environments
  • Like the TSB-3, the DSB allows field cutting to fit non-standard door widths
  • Optional illuminated "Push To Exit" via internal fiber optic strip
  • 16 ft. [4.8m] 22AWG 6 conductor cable and armored door cord included
  • Available ElectroLynx™ ready
  • Operates on either 12 or 24VDC
  • Tested to 27,000 volts electrostatic discharge
  • UL Listed
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty

Specification Data

Current Draw:
     Dual Sense Bar Only - 24mA
     Dual Sense Bar with Illumination - 44mA
Voltage: 12 or 24VDC
Operating Temperature: +32 to +120F [0 to +49C]
Shipping Weight: 6 to 8 lbs. depending on length


Part # Description
DSB-BK DSB - 36", Black Anodized
DSB-BK42 DSB - 42", Black Anodized
DSB-BK48 DSB - 48", Black Anodized
DSB-BKI DSB - 36", Illuminated, Black Anodized
DSB-BKI42 DSB - 42", Illuminated, Black Anodized
DSB-BKI48 DSB - 48", Illuminated, Black Anodized
DSB-CL DSB - 36", Clear Anodized
DSB-CLI DSB - 36", Illuminated, Clear Anodized
DSB-CLI42 DSB - 42", Illuminated, Clear Anodized
DSB-CLI48 DSB - 48", Illuminated, Clear Anodized
EL-DSB-CL Dual Sense Bar - 36", Clear Anodized, ElectroLynx
TC P-BK Touch Bar Cover Plates - Set of 2, Black Anodized
TC P-CL Touch Bar Cover Plates - Set of 2, Clear Anodized


TCP covers unwanted mounting holes from previously installed exit bars, strengthens the mounting area and provides a clean look

DSB-TDM allows through-bolting of DSB on doors 1-3/4" to 2-1/4" thick. DSB can be ordered ElectroLynx-ready

Order any Dual Sense Bar listed with ElectroLynx connectors by adding the letters "EL" to the front of the Part # Example: EL-DSB-42.

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