Flex-Mount Gate Lock Bracket Kits


The Flex Mount Bracket System is an intuitive set of mounting brackets designed exclusively for use with the 1200 lb.holding force M62FG-SASM Gate Magnalock® and the 2000 lb. holding force GL1 Gate Lock. Using pre-formed post channels and plates of varying lengths, a professional looking high security gate lock mounting platform can be assembled in minutes without special tools.

Post Shim Brackets are used to adapt both small and large Post Brackets to pole/post sizes smaller than 2" or 3" respectively in 1/8" increments - 1-7/8", 1-3/4", 1-5/8" 2-7/8", 2-3/4", 2-5/8", etc.

When more than two shims are used together on a single post, welding the bracket to the pole/post is recommended.

All necessary mounting hardware including four Post Shims is included with each Flex-Mount Kit.

Product Features

  • Pre-configured kits include all lock mounting hardware and post shims
  • Post brackets are pre-drilled, lock and strike brackets are pre-tapped
  • 8" tall x 3/16" thick zinc-plated steel provides durability and long life
  • Lock and strike brackets are reversible doubling the mounting variations
  • Allows simple bolt on installation, or the entire system can be welded
  • Allows superior adjustabililty of lock and strike before final welding
  • Permits electronics to be mounted on either the fence post or gate post


FMK-SL will function with GL1 when post separation is between 1" and 3-3/4"

FMK-SL will function with M62FG when post separation is between 1" and 2-1/4" when using Shock Absorbing Strike Mount (SASM)

FMK-SL will function with M62FG when post separation is between 1" and 3-3/4" without SASM

FMK-SW will function with either M62FG or the GL1 where post separation is between 1" and 2-3/4"


Part # Description
FMB9-4 Post Shim Kit for Flex Mount Brackets - (Set of 4)
FMK-SL Flex Mount Kit for Sliding Gate
FMK-SW Flex Mount Kit for Swing Gate


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