Behavioral Health

Solutions that ensure the safety of behavioral health clinics, crisis intervention facilities,
and detention centers. 

Behavioral Health Solutions

In environments like behavioral health clinics, crisis intervention facilities and detention centers, safety is a must.

Proper selection of door and hardware products can help protect patients from harm and maintain a level of security for others, including professional and clinical staff. Securitron offers products that form complete solutions for behavioral health.

Securitron iMXDa Magnetic Lock

Integrated Movement Exit Delay with Advanced Technology

iMXDa helps prevent peril to persons/patients and property loss/theft for businesses. Applications include dementia wards, hospitals, dormitories, airports, child care facilities and retail or warehouse environments. Installation requires no alteration or replacement of existing fire-rated or non-fire-rated latching hardware. False triggering is eliminated by up to 1" of authorized door movement.

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Additional Behavioral Health Products from ASSA ABLOY

Find out more regarding what to look for when selecting behavioral health doors, how to properly design your facility's openings and other items related to securing a behavioral health facility.

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