Securitron Sustainable Solutions

When strength and aesthetics matter, the Securitron M680E & M380E EcoMag® Series is the most advanced and sustainable magnetic lock available.

As part of ASSA ABLOY's growing commitment to sustainability, expanding on our eco-suite of products has been a focus and priority. From our latest Securitron M680E Series Magnalock to the previously released Securitron EcoPower® Power Supply, decreasing energy consumption for all users not only helps the environment, but decreases operating costs as well. Below are our two latest eco- products but be sure to check back often for updates and new product releases. 

Securitron M680E & M380E Series Magnalocks with EcoMag Technology

The Securitron M680E & M380E Series combines security, style and convenience, with up to 80% energy reduction. All-in-one integration options, faster install, increased security, and decreased energy consumption makes the Securitron EcoMag family of products the most advanced and energy efficient maglocks available.


M680E series provides an increased 1,200 lbs holding force; M380E series provides 600 lbs, while still maintaining reduced energy draw, the EcoMag is the most advanced and powerful maglock available on the market today.


Designed to recognize when a door has been propped open, it is able to adjust power draw accordingly on its own, providing up to 80% energy savings over other maglocks.

Energy Efficient

Decreased power usage means a smaller energy footprint, which allows the use of smaller back-up batteries, results in huge cost savings over the life of the maglock.

Securitron EcoPower® Power Supply

Designed to work with low-power electrified access control devices, this small aesthetic power supply reduces standby power consumption to only 8.5mW (0.0085W), a 99% energy savings compared to current linear and switching power supplies.

The Securitron EcoPower can also reduce total door power consumption by 99% from up to 20W to a phenomenal 0.3W, when paired with a lock like EcoFlex from SARGENT and Corbin Russwin. EcoPower is the most efficient, fully featured power supply available today.